Laundry Update

As most of you know, West Coast Wash House took over the old Ullapool Laundry in August last year.  We hit the ground running at the busiest time of the season, and haven’t had time to catch breath since.

We’ve now had the opportunity to take stock and strategise, and we’re pleased to say that a whole new and improved website will be up and running soon (still, with all the information you need for both the Lochinver and the Ullapool Laundries. So, please bear with us during this online transition period, and we hope to show you the all-new branding before too long.

In the meantime, you can still use the contact form on this site, or contact Jane as follows:

West Coast Wash House – Ullapool. 7a Latheron Centre, Ullapool IV26 2XB. Tel: 01854 613 217.

West Coast Wash House – Lochinver.  22 Main Street, Lochinver IV27 4JY.  Tel: 01571 844 691

Text the mobile – 07908 503724 or catch us on Facebook: West Coast Wash House Ltd

The Lochinver laundry is currently being painted, spruced up and made pretty for the start of the season, but drop offs and pick ups continue as normal.



Update for Season 2016

Customer Info and New Prices

Just a bit of info for all customers as we go into the 2016 season.  We are now working full time at the laundry and operating on Summer Hours which are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm, Saturday – drop off only, Sunday: Closed.

On the next page you’ll find the new price list for this season.  Most of you will not be affected by the changes, but unfortunately, due to rising costs in the laundry and the increasing amounts of very heavy cotton bedding we are receiving, we have had to put a surcharge on this type of linen.  I’m sure you will appreciate that it takes a great deal more drying and ironing than standard polycotton.  We have tried to keep most prices the same as last year, and are still considerably cheaper than the industry standard at this time.

In addition, please note that we have been advised by our equipment manufacturer to make all customers aware of the following:-

Plastic poppers.  Duvet cover fasteners may melt at high temperatures.  Our ironing machines heat to extremely high temperatures and we therefore advise that you use hotel grade linens (with no fasteners, or with metal poppers) and that we do not take responsibility for melted fasteners.  We will, of course, try to avoid this wherever possible.

Stains.  We use non-bio additives and wash at 30-40 degrees as standard.  This temperature ensures germs are killed and that light-use items are cleaned thoroughly, and is the advised temperature from linen manufacturers to ensure long life of the product.  However, if stains are present, this temperature will not remove them and we therefore ask that you point out any stains present on linens before presentation.  We do not take responsibility for stains remaining after standard wash cycles, if we have not been advised in advance.  Stains require to be treated seperately and this will be charged as a seperate load.

And finally, we appreciate all custom, and no job is too small.  However, due to the increase in very small loads (one or two sheets and duvet covers, for example) it has become necessary to implement a minimum load charge of £8.50.  This ensures that each customer’s laundry is treated seperately, and covers the cost of a full cycle.

West Coast Wash House Ltd would like to thank you once again for your custom, and we look forward to a continuing relationship with you.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email any time if you have any problems or queries.


We’ve Gone Professional!

West Coast Wash House has relocated to the main street of Lochinver, and has taken delivery of three massive and impressive industrial/commercial machines which will make our service quicker, more efficient, better and with more capacity for new customers.  We were always professional, but now we are professional using professional equipment!

To complement our new approach, we are also in process of becoming a Limited Company and have taken on our first employee.  And prices have stayed the same.

Bigger, better, faster and more convenient than ever.  We love doing your laundry… come and visit, and bring a bag.